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Personal/Private Tours

A Personal/Private tour is run exclusively for you, your own families or friends with no other strangers. You may choose an ideal pre-made private tour on our website. Alternatively, we can customize an itinerary in line with your specific wishes. In particular, you will benefit from the following advantages.

  1. Start the tour on any date at your convenience.
  2. Choose the tour length as long as your schedule and budget allow.
  3. Plan the tour with hotels and sightseeing spots that you are specifically interested in.
  4. You may order the dishes you want with our specially arranged A La Carte Meals.
  5. Experienced guides and skilful drivers in each city offer services are provided for your exclusive use.
  6. Travel at your own pace that flexibly fits your travel style.
  7. Ideal for people who need special assistance, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or families with small children.
Group Tours

Group tours with guaranteed departure dates are best for those who are eager to see the most popular sights at a comparatively low price.

A favorable price is only a small part of it. Let’s see more details as follows.

  1. The group tours have fixed departure dates and itineraries that can not be changed.
  2. Private tours added prior to or after the group tour are welcomed.
  3. Special treatment from the guide and driver make you feel like part of a friendly family.
  4. Share a clean and safe Vehicle with other group companions.
  5. Enjoy the diversity of our A La Carte Meals with other travelers.
  6. Good chance for you to meet and make new acquaintances from all over the world.
  7. Enjoy a worry-free vacation with our careful arrangements from the very beginning to the end.

International Tours

If you’re looking for an International Holiday, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will be able search, plan and book your perfect International holiday along with expert travel advice, in-depth destination information and lots of travel tips. You are sure to get inspired to travel the world with Relish Travels. To get you start dreaming of your next International Holiday, we have a wide range of International Holiday packages to choose from and for the avid traveller in you, we have completely customized holiday options as well.

Customized Honeymoon Packages

Planning your honeymoon? You have just landed at the right place. We are sure that you are either contemplating about honeymoon destinations for your much-awaited holiday or sorting out the best honeymoon tour packages for the destination you have already chosen. No matter which stage of planning you are at, we at Relish Travels have your back. We understand that it’s not just another holiday for you; it’s a new journey that you are going to start with your newly-wed spouse and it has to be special by all means.

A new adventure of life is marriage. Exploring and understanding this roller-coaster ride starts with your honeymoon. Just like your wedding nuptials, make your romantic holiday extraordinary and explore the undiscovered part of the World.

At Relish Travels, we have a commitment to find and plan the best Honeymoon place for you. Talk to us and we will help you start your adventure to a new life!

Hotel & Flight Bookings

Hotel booking and Flight booking is a big-ticket item in the checklist when any travel is planned. Be it for leisure or business, on domestic or international shores, if you are travelling, you definitely need a good and decent place to stay.
With us, you can choose the type of accommodation you want to stay at; be it a hotel, a Bed & Breakfast or even a resort. Want to know how the place of accommodation is rated? We will categorize the same as per the ratings you need – be it 3 stars, 4 stars or 5 stars.

We want you to stay in the best place, irrespective of where you choose to go. Next time you want to book a hotel online, come to us at Relish Travels. We will find the perfect home away from home for you.


Planning for an international trip?

Now easily and conveniently apply for a visa with Relish Travels for right and hassle-free visa application process. No matter what international destination you want to travel to, Relish Travels is here to help you with the whole visa application process. We are there with you right from the first step of getting the required documents for an online visa application to helping you get ready for the visa interview.

Travel Insurance

A lot of travellers often spend a lot of effort and time planning a perfect vacation, but often overlook the importance of getting the right travel insurance. Not many travelers understand that they are vulnerable to accidents and illnesses when traveling to a different country. Besides, you cannot prevent unforeseen incidents. Make your traveling fun and memorable with right overseas travel insurance. Nothing can be worse than falling sick or needing immediate medical attention; this will only dampen your vacationing spirit. During such a time, you can rely on travel insurance.

It is not that travel insurance helps you avoid misfortune incidents, but it definitely offers consolation in the form of financial compensation. It offers a large range of benefits to travelers. The major benefit of travel insurance is that it offers financial recovery for medical expenses that might incur due to illness or accident. With right travel insurance, one can be assured of getting reimbursement for the total amount of money spent on the treatment. 

How to Book Travel Insurance with RELISH TRAVELS?

  • Submit the necessary details 
  • Choose from a large range of travel insurance plan
  • Enter all the necessary information about your trip
  • The desired travel insurance policy is issued within no time!

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